The Checklist

Morning and Bedtime Routines Made Simple

Find out what parents are talking about! The Original Children's Checklist Morning and Bedtime Fun!™ is a magnetic matching activity that helps children carry out basic morning and bedtime tasks. It captures and maintains interest in learning healthy habits that can often become lost in busy schedules.

The Checklist is double-sided – one side for bedtime, one for morning – and comes with jumbo-sized magnets, a Surprise Pouch and a guide for parents.

Match the magnet, do the task

The Checklist contains 5 tasks listed on the left side. Here’s how to play:

  1. Choose a task from the Surprise Pouch
  2. Match the picture
  3. Do the task

From start to finish, tasks are completed within minutes!

The Checklist is an activity you can do together and offers the structure children need to strengthen responsibility and build independence. Each experience with The Checklist builds on the next and creates the comfort of predictability in your child’s routine. Used on its own or within your existing schedule, it becomes another way to nurture children to be the best they can be.

Stay on track!

The Checklist Kids
Taylee and Wesley are healthy, responsible and sparkling clean kids! They’re here to tell all of their new friends how much fun it is to take care of themselves!

The Checklist Pets
The Checklist Pets add a fun twist! Plunker Puppy, Kaycee Kitty and the other Checklist Pets are hungry – but a task needs to be completed before each pet can be fed! It’s a surprise each time your child reaches into The Surprise Pouch to see which task they’ll get!

Family Free Time
Checklist Time is family time! After completing The Checklist tasks, and before winding down for a story, dance to music, colour together or have some tickle-and-giggle time! Five to ten minutes of togetherness with you after Checklist Time is just long enough for children to feel fulfilled and happy before their next transition.

The Checklist Guide
Discover fresh ideas and tried-and-true Checklist Hints in the guide. Make sure to give it a quick review before playing!

Watch your children grow with The Checklist

Kid-tested and interactive, toddlers play by matching pictures and shapes, and school-aged children develop reading skills as they become familiar with the printed words.

  • Encourages self-discipline
  • Develops independence
  • Introduces responsibility
  • Enhances sense of security
  • Strengthens thinking, reasoning and memory
  • Stimulates reading

“My daughter asked to do The Checklist after only one use – she was totally engaged from start to finish!”
~Jeunesse Pearson

The Checklist